The Kerala government established the lottery department in 1967. Furthermore, released the first lottery ticket on 1st November 1967. Accordingly, the first result released on 26th January 1968. Kerala State Lottery created the number of employment opportunities. Besides the various stages of development. As a result, the department established a good platform. In addition to that, the results are published in the state Lottery site and also in our site


Finally, the Kerala Lottery department rolls out seven weekly lotteries and six bumper lotteries. Seven weekly lotteries are drawn every day, Sunday to Saturday respectively. All the information related to Kerala lottery results today is available on our site page Results. Regular participation of Kerala public in the lottery draw. Making remarkable income to the Kerala Lottery department.


Pubic of Kerala having an interest in participating weekly lotteries. Especially the middle-class community has more awareness in the lottery. Initially, the lottery prizes are small, compared with the current situation. Nowadays bumper prizes are declared up to 12 Crore India rupees. It reflects the involvement of the public and government in the lottery today. Results in time also made more interest in people. Usually results coming in Kerala state lottery department site and also in private sites like Kerala lottery results today.



The government of Kerala state lottery has made many changes during the year 2007 to 2010. vide GO (MS) No. 124/07/TD dated 15-05-2007. Also grand permission to Director of Kerala State Lottery to equip and modernize. Director has more power in the finalization of new lotteries, prize structure, advertisement, etc,. Department empowered the district lottery officer to honor prize claim up to 1 Lakh & deputy director for prize claim up to 20 Lakhs. Kerala lottery results today provide information to the public.

The state government also provides supports to the public in Kerala lottery results related information and administration through Directorate of Kerala Lotteries. Moreover, the office located in Thiruvanthapuram and all district headquarters.